Synrey Bridge

The Birth of Synrey Bridge

The robot of Synrey was originally based on Micro Bridge. 

With the consulting service of Micro Bridge designers T. Uchida and Y. Uchida, the Synrey team learned the architecture and design principle of computer bridge systems. And by reading and analyzing the design documents and codes of Micro Bridge they acquired what they needed to develop the Synrey software

However, the current Synrey Bridge Robot have been entirely rewritten.

Synrey Bridge is for Robot Play only and free of charge. The bridge engine is the same used the Synrey Bridge program, which has been runner up in 2017-2019 in the World Computer World Championship.

Synrey Bridge is available as Apps for IPhone, IPad and Android devices. It's not available as stand alone program on Windows or Mac, but the Android version can be run on all versions of Windows and Mac with an Android emulator. Enable VM in BIOS if availble to get a smoother experience,

Synrey Bridge does only support one fixed system, 2/1.

2 daily tournaments (IMP and MP) can be played. Challenge matches against the Robot. Mini Bridge is also supported, but only under the Anroid. The strength of the Robot is as good as GIB (BBO) and Argine (Funbridge).

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