World Championship & NABC Finals & Other Tournaments in PBN format

PBN (Portable Bridge Notation) is a standard file format to represent bridge games. It can be used in every bridge program, which support PBN files, for dealing, bidding, playing, and/or teaching. However most of the programs requires registering to use PBN files, but WBridge5 and RoboBridge does not have this limitation.

PBN files with finals in Bermuda Bowl, Venice Cup, NABC and Swedish Cup, which can be used as tournament files in most of the programs listed on Computer Bridge. The same  boards were played in Venice Cup and Bermuda Bowl 2019.   

Many more championship files are available at my other bridge site. 

LIN files is a format used for Bridge movies developed by BBO. It can not be used directly in bridge programs, but can easily be converted to PBN with a conversion program. WBridge5 support also conversion of LIN files.

The Vugraph Project, Tournament files from international competitions 1955-2013, in PBN format..

BBO Vugraph archive in LIN format. With all tournaments that has been broadcasted on BBO.

PBN Homepage with PBN software and PBN Database

Stand alone program for viewing PBN/LIN files, Fred Gitelmans BridgeVu

Conversion program, LIN to PBN, BridgeComposer (Shareware). A very good program with a lot of functions for handling of PBN files.

Conversion program, PBN to LIN, Bridge File Converter. Works with BridgeComposer.