by Stefan Scorchev,  Christophe Grosset and Zhivko Draganov 


IntoBridge - For the Players by the Players. It was  designed, together with and for the Users, the most comprehensive and intuitive bridge platform on the market.

IntoBridge is an evolving, collaborative platform where everyone can make progress while having a good time and. it is a living platform, designed to constantly grow and meet the community's needs?

- A friendly, ergonomic interface - Easy to use and navigate

- Bring Your Friends and Make New Ones - You can communicate with others - chat, audio, video.

- Play for Free.

- Video & Audio - See and talk to your friends wherever you are

- Friends & Community - Make friends, private and group chats, play in your club games

- Play with Robot Ben and the new robot Lia.

The beta version of the Robot is called Lia and is now officially available on IntoBridge.

Lia is a creation of Luc Bellicaud who has been part of the IntoBridge team since a year ago. Luc became the World U31 Teams champion, representing France! .

Lia not only explains its bids with clarity but also possesses a good understanding of various conventions.

Lia is first available on the Casual tables as a backup option to Ben. It's an exclusive preview of all the excitement that awaits when Lia is fully ready to make its grand entrance.

To play with Lia: . From the Lobby, navigate to the Tables section, click on "Create a table," and keep an eye out for the three vertical dots next to Ben's name. Then you are ready to play with Lia...

- Personal Statistic Live. 

- Analyze your boards.

- Watch Live Bridge

- Ranked Games

-  Play with Milan Macura - Duplicate pair games every Thursday

- Blog - Exclusive articles covering the World of Bridge

- Ask The Experts a question- The most interesting question and answer every week will be selected..

IntoBridge's Daily Quiz - Published on IntoBridge Facebook page.

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New Tricks Bridge Duplicate with Zia.

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- InfoBridge on YouTube with instructional videos.