Q-Bridge Plus 15.1

                                                                by Hans Leber

Q-Bridge Plus is one of the oldest Bridge Programs. The total development time (since its start in 1990) is now approximately 22.000 hours.

Q-Bridge Plus has competed in the World Computer Bridge Championship since the begining 1997. It has never won but been Runner up 4 times, latest in 2011.

Q-Bridge Plus is a commercial program. A demo version is available for download.

Q-Bridge Plus is also avialable at Svenska Bridgef√∂rlaget 

Q-Bridge Plus is available on Windows and Android Devices (limited functions). 

It is not available for Mac, but can be run with a Windows emulator, Virtual PC.

List of system and features of Q-plus Bridge 15.1, released in October 2019. 

The Vugraph Project, Tournament files from international competitions 1955-2013, in PBN format..

BBO Vugraph archive in LIN format. With all tournaments that has been broadcasted on BBO.

PBN Homepage with PBN software and PBN Database

Stand alone program for viewing LIN and PBN files, Fred Gitelmans BridgeVu