by the Dutch Company Sodes

RoboBridge is free of charge. 

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RoboBridge has competed in the World Bridge Computer Championship, placed 4th as best in 2017.

RoboBridge for download. It is also available for Window browsers with an app for online play.

RoboBridge lets you compose your own convention card. Possible base cards to choose from:

> Acol

> Standard American


 > 2 over 1.

Customize these cards with over 50 conventions: Stayman, Jacoby, Multi-Landy, Checkback Stayman, RKC, DOPI-ROPI, Puppet Stayman, Truscott, Multi, Flannery, Fourth Suit Forcing, Negative double, Support double, Support cue, ….

The Vugraph Project, Tournament files from international competitions 1955-2013, in PBN format..

BBO Vugraph archive in LIN format. With all tournaments that has been broadcasted on BBO.

PBN Homepage with PBN software and PBN Database

Stand alone program for viewing LIN and PBN files, Fred Gitelmans BridgeVu