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                 Did AI just beat Humans at bridge? - Pete Hollands *)

    Japan Releases Fully Functioning Female Robots 35 

Jack Ma and Elon Musk hold debate in Shanghai *

           This AI says it's conscious and experts agree..    

             Stunning new AI "could be conscious" - with Elon Musk.   *                          

         Stuart Russell: Long-Term Future of Artificial Intelligence                 

                 Artificial Intelligence in the 21st Century - Yann LeCun            

                   Artificial Intelligence: Mankind's last invention

The Truth about Artificial Intelligence and ChatGPT | Dhruv Rathee *

        The Revolution Of AI | Artificial Intelligence Explained *

                     Can AI just teach bridge? - Pete Hollands *)

2021's Biggest Advancements in Artificial Intelligence 

I Tried To Warn You" - Elon Musk LAST WARNING (2022) *

                                Elon Musk on Artificial Intelligence                             

      Artificial Intelligence, the History and Future - with Chris Bishop       

Ray Kurzweil at Ci2019 - The Future of Intelligence, Artificial and Natural

Sam Harris: Can we build AI without losing control over it?                     

        Smart deceptive and dangerous AI Capability                                 

        Artificial Intelligence Crash Course 2023: A Guide to AI *