Bridge Baron 29

                                            by Thomas Throop and Stephen Smith

In 1982 Thomas Throop completed the first version of Bridge Baron. In 1958 he had written a first computer bridge program, on a UNIVAC I computer at a US Navy lab in Washington, DC. This program could only finish one round of bidding before running out of memory.

In 1983, Tom Throop published the book Computer Bridge. In 1985, he founded Great Game Products. Nowadays the Bridge Baron team is being formed by employees George Yanakiev / Stephen Smith from the United States.

In the early years of computer bridge Bridge Baron participated in the predecessor of the World Computer Bridge Championship. In those days only 3-4 participants entered a competition of 10-12 boards with Bridge Baron organizing some of the events. Bridge Baron finished 4th in 1989, 2nd in 1992 and won the competition in 1990, 1991, 1993 and 1995. The very informal competition of 1994 (when some programmers met in the Throop's residence) was also won by Bridge Baron.

Bridge Baron has participated in ACBL Computer Bridge World Championships from the beginning, but only won the first one in 1997.

Bridge Baron is a commercial program. Demo for Windows

Bridge Baron on Facebook.

Bridge Baron YouTube channel.

Bridge Baron uses AI planning technique to plan declarers play 

Bridge Baron Companion, book

Available on

> Windows

 > Mac 

> IPad 

> Android devices

Bidding Systems


> Two over one

> Precision Club

> Acol

> Goren

> Forum D

Main Features

> Unlimited deals

> Immediate comparison on all deals played

> Analysis of your bidding and card play at the end of each deal

> Bidding and card play practice

 > Tournaments and competitions

 > Lessons with exercises

 > Par score and contracts most often played on the deal 

 > Possible to set the Robot Strength by setting the thinking time.

Bridge Baron intermediate tutorial on YouTube . It's also available for beginners and advanced