Blue Chip Bridge

                                                                        by Marc Whittaker

Blue Chip Bridge participated in the ACBL Computer Bridge World Championships from 1998-2006., at best 6th place in the round robin. In 2008 Blue Chip Bridge didn't participate in the Championship but played a role in the experimental Individuals.

Blue Chip Bridge is a commercial program. A Demo is available for download.

Blue Chip Bridge is only available for Windows.

It is not available for Mac, but can be run with a Windows emulator, Virtual PC.

Blue Chip Bridge supports the following systems: ACOL, 5 Card Major, Standard English, Andrew Robson and 11 configurable conventions. It is the best program for Acol players according to             Zia Mahamood.

Play up to 16 boards in an IMP scored match against the robot or play random deals.

Probably this is the weakest program of those presented here.