Swedish Championship Robot Individual at Funbridge


I got an official message from Swedish Bridge Fedaration saying that they will be start up play at Funbridge 1/3, but they will not arrange any Championship Robot Individual this year. Earliest in 2021. It's reasonable that they gain some experience with Funbridge before they arrange anything. So I will arrange the Championship this year too.

The new version of Funbridge (special tournament) will not be available in march as stated earlier. Earliest at the end of the year, WOC competitions will block the use of the new functionality. I have to use Private Tournaments also this time.

There will be Championship both for IMP and MP play.

The tournament is only open for Swedish Players.

Each type tournaments will be played as direct final with three separate sessions of 24 boards. The result from all three sessions will be included in the final result. To calculate the result after session two and three manual handling is required.. 

The championship will be stratified at three levels A-C. Requirement for each strata is based on the players average procent on Funbridge.

Strata A:     Minimum 62%

Strata B:    Between 55-62%

Strata C:    Lower than 55%

Players on strata A compete at strata A

Players on strata B compete at strata A-B

Players on strata C compete at strata A-C

There will be 48 hours to play each session.

There will be a pause of 24 hours between each session.

Preliminary schedule:

IMP tournamnet 16-23/3

MP tournamnet 25/3 - 1/4

The tournamnets will be free of charge.


1. The winners of strata A-C will receive a voucher for play in one silver tournament or two bronze tournaments at the Swedish Bridge Festival 2020.

2. Players at position 1-3 at strata A will receive Plaquets.

3. Players at position 1-3 at strata A-C will receive Diplomas.

4. Players at position 2, 3  at strta A-C will receive 100 Diamonds for play at Funbridge



Inspired by the NABC Robot Individual a Swedish Championship (MP) in Robot Individual was arranged on Funbridge by the webbmaster on this site. It was a private arrangement with no involvement of the Swedish Bridge Federation. As the Swedish Bridge Federation is not present on FunBridge the only way was to arrange the tournament was to do it privately. But It also limits the rewards, no master points and no price money. 

The first championship (MP) was held in June 2019. It consisted of a 40 board qualifying session and a 40 board final. 50 procent went to the final.  The tournament was free of charge and the player on the first to the third place received a diploma and digital flowers!   It was the first national championship  arranged on Funbridge.

I wrote a article about the championship.

In October a second Championship (IMP) was the arranged that was a bit different. A Klass-B Championship was added. It was only for players on level 6-11 and new on Funbridge. The idea was to give also less experienced player a chance to win a Championship. It was a direct final with 40 boards.  To give players, that not advanced to final, a chance to play there was also a B-Final. 

As In june the competitions was without masterpoints and price money, but still free of charge. The players on the first to the third place received a diploma in all three competitions. In addition they now also received a plaque in the A-Final and Class-B Final

Winner in the A-Final was Jonathan Johansson from Luleå.

Winner in the Class B Final was Anders Carlsson från Lessebo.

I have hoped that the Swedish Bridge Federation would get interested in arranging the championship like ACBL do. They will start play with master points 1/3. Before they start any championship at Funbridge they want to gain experience of Funbridge and earliest they will start in 2021, if they decide so.