Funbridge is for play against Robot and Humans. 

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Download of app for Funbridge China (CBO), for Android devices. Blue button for download. Can be run on Windows with the Android Emulator Bluestack.

The French expert Jerome Rombaut and the programmer Alex Maugat have designed the bridge engine Argine. 

You can play with and against the Robot Argine in MP or IMP tournaments. You can also challenge Argine and other players in 5 deal matches.

It is also possible to play with and against humans.

A number of daily tournament are available. It also possible to earn master points if youare a menber of a Bridge Federation, e.g SBF and ACBL, which arrange tournaments at Funbridge. 

The Swedish Bridge Federation (SBF) started with Confederation Tournamnets 2020.03.01 with the possiblity to win bronspoäng. A reduced scale for Individual play is used, half the number compared with Live Bridge. There are two tournamnets each day, one with 12 boards and one with 20 boards. The cost is 27 Diamonds (20 SEK)  for the 12 board tounament and 40 Diamonds (30 SEK) for the 20 tournamnet.

Link to SBF homepage about FunBridge play.

There is also a training mode available, where 2 human players can play against a robot pair. But it is not available in the browser version, only in the apps.

You can play for free or be a subscriber with access to much more tournaments.

Browsers for Windows, Mac, IPhone, IPad and Android devices is used.

Apps are also available for Windows (not recommended as it's not updated). Mac, Iphone, Ipad and Android Devices.

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