Jack 6.11

                                                    by Hans Kuijf, Wim Heemskerk, Martin Pattenier and Barry Westra

Jack has not participated in WCBC since 2015 due to a disagreement over Synrey Bridge's participation. Hans Kuiff believes Synrey bridge should not be allowed to participate because as it is based on Micro Bridge source code, which has been sold to Synrey Bridge. This is not according to the rules for the contest according to Hans Kuiff. 

It should be noted that Jack has not competed or been updated since 2015 (version 6.11),  The relative strength against the top bots, that has been further developed after 2015 and new bots, is unknown today and probably the strength has been reduced. However Jack still belongs to the top bots. The performance in Christine Goulden's competition shows that. It was the fourth best bot after WBridge, Shark Bridge and Q-plus Bridge, which shows that it still can compete with the best bots. The system setup was not optimal and Jack would probably done better with a another system setup. 

As Christine Goulden will only include bots that supports play with Table Manager and there is no information available how to configure Jack for play in Table Manager, Jack will not be included in the 2024 competition. We have tried to get info about the configuration from Jack's support or Hans Kuijf several times without any success,

A new version of Jack has been promised by Hans Kuijf for a long time, but still no new version has been released.  

With time Jack's relative strength compared will other bots that are further developed and new bots, will be reduced if it will not be further developed.