NABC Robot Individual

Three times a year since 2017 (total 9 times) ACBL has arranged the NABC Robot Individual tournament, prior to the start of each NABC. It's a stratified competition over three days that has been hosted by BBO . Each tournaments has attracted about 2000 players. Three is no price money, but the top players are awarded master points. Information about the tournament.

Article from GNYBA about NABC Robot Individual

Article from ACBL Daily Bulletin about the winner in NABC 2019 Fall Robot Individual, Phil Clayton.

Interview with Phil Clayton 

Jcwla wins the 2020 Summer NABC Robot Individual

A new record was set in the Summer Contest, 3242 players! About 1000 more than it used to be!  The reason why so many played is probably covid-19.

The king of Robot Play Leo LaSota has not manage to win the tournament, but was runner up for the second time in the Summer Contest. So he has shown his class anyway!

kalem wins the Fall 2020 NABC Robot Individual

Fred Chang wins the Spring 2021 NABC Robot Individual