Minibridge is a simplified form of Contract Bridge designed to expose newcomers to declarer and defensive playing techniques without the burden of learning a detailed bridge bidding system. The game was first introduced in France and the Netherlands in the 1990s. The variant described here is the one advertised by the English Bridge Union for use in primary schools as a way to improve pupils' performance in mathematics.

Like other forms of bridge, Minibridge is played by four players in fixed partnerships, sitting crosswise. A full pack of 52 cards is dealt to the players, each receiving 13 cards. As in contract bridge, it is then decided which player becomes declarer, but a key innovation of Minibridge is that this decision is taken out of the players' hands. Declarer's partner then lays open their hand, and declarer announces a contract. This is a trump suit or no trumps, together with an undertaking to win more than half the tricks (partscore) or even to win 100 trick points or more (game). The remainder of the game is very similar to contract bridge. In particular, declarer's partner becomes dummy (i.e., declarer plays both hands).

The Enlish Bridge Union's page about Minibridge, with a lot of information.

The Swedish Bridge Federation's page about Minibridge

Play Minibridge on BBO

Blue Chip Bridge.Minibridge 6.7.1, a free program by the author of Blue Chip Bridge.

MicroMinibridge 3.0, a free program by the author of Microbridge. It supports 6 languages + user defined. 

The Swedish Bridge Federation's Minibridge competition, Minibridge Coup.

Minibridge Coup result 2023 

Minibridge Plus

Minibridge Plus introduces a couple of changes that bring it closer to Bridge. Differences are:

  • A part game requires you to make at least 8 tricks (instead of 7).
  • You can also choose to go for a Small Slam (12 tricks) or a Grand Slam (all 13 tricks). Small Slam awards 500 points bonus and Grand Slam 1000 points. 

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                        Minibridge for Non-Players - Let's Play #2 - 

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    Minibridge for Non-Players - Let's Play #3 - Example 1