AI and Bridge Links

The State of Automated Bridge Play, with many references   NEW

Bots, Funbridge, GIB etc . Bridgewinners    NEW  

Chatting with Meadowlark about AI   NEW 

All the important games artificial intelligence has been conquered   NEW

The Next Decade in AI: Four Steps Towards Robust Artificial Intelligence   NEW

The case for hybrid artificial intelligence  NEW

AI doesn't actually exist yet     NEW

Artificially Intelligent Players Invent Nonverbal "Languages" to Win Card Games    NEW  

Why 'Bridge' a cerebral game that even AI can't conquer deserves more attention, Dayly O

How A.I. Can Solve the World's Problems: Challenge It to a Game of Bridge

Philippe Pionchons ideas about AI and Bridge from 1984, which is still valid today.

Computer Bridge: A Big Win for AI Planning, AI Magazine 1998

The State of automated Bridge Play, NYU Computer Science 2009

GIB: Steps Toward an Expert Level Bridge Playing Program, Mattew L. Ginsberg

GIB: Imperfekt Information in a computationally challenging game, Mattew L. Ginsberg

The Computer game model of Contract Bridge, X Mei 2012

Contract Bridge bidding by learning, CY Ho 2015

Automatic Bridge Bidding Using Deep Reinforcement Learning, CK Yeh 2016

Boosting a Bridge Artificiell Intelligence, V Ventos 2017

Bridge a new challenge for AI, V Ventos and O Teytaud 2017 In French,                                                                              Google Translate can be used for translation...

IEEE CIS Webinar "Bridge a new challenge for AI" Nov 27, 2017

USBC analysis & Levin - Weinstein profile 2018

AI, Contract Bridge, Conventional Bidding. A casual update 2018

A new Bridge Bot, Alan Frank 2018

Computer Bridge: Card Combinations in Notrump , David Levin 2019

Robots in theory and practice, The Bridge World,                                                                                                                    Al Levy: Part I (2015) - Part II (2016) - Part III (2017)

Facebook takes on Poker.   When will the bridge robots play like that?

Simple is better: Training an End-To-End Contract Bridge Bidding Agent without Human knowledge

Competitive bridge bidding with deep neural networks

Learning multi-agent implicit communication through actions: A case study in contract bridge, a collaborative imperfect information

Learning to Communicate Implicitly by Actions

Bridge and Artificial Intelligence in Orlando

AI, Contract Bridge, Conventional Bidding. A casual update. 

Man vs machine: How AI is taking over human bastions of complex strategy games

Frontier in Pattern Rekognition and AI

Artificial "General" Intelligence is still science fiction

Interesting Artificial Links 

Total-Order - Multi Agent-Agent Task-Network Planning for Contract  Bridge

Success in Spades: Using AI Planning Techniques to Win the World 

A Planning approach to declarer play in Contract Bridge