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The Gargoyle Chronicles. In 2009, Phillip Martin, an expert player, began a four-year project in which he played against the champion bridge program, Jack. He played one hand at one table, with Jack playing the other three; at another table, Jack played the same cards at all four seats, producing a comparison result. *

Learning Without Human Expertise: A Case Study of the Double Dummy Bridge Problem *

Towards Human-Level Performance in Solving Double Dummy Bridge Problem *

Human-Agent Cooperation in Bridge Bidding * 

Competitive Bridge Bidding with Deep Neural Networks  *

AI Enabled Bridge Bidding Supporting Interactive Visualization *

The State of Automated Bridge Play, with many references   

Bots, Funbridge, GIB etc . Bridgewinners      

Chatting with Meadowlark about AI    

All the important games artificial intelligence has been conquered   

The Next Decade in AI: Four Steps Towards Robust Artificial Intelligence   

The case for hybrid artificial intelligence  

AI doesn't actually exist yet     

Artificially Intelligent Players Invent Nonverbal "Languages" to Win Card Games      

Why 'Bridge' a cerebral game that even AI can't conquer deserves more attention, Dayly O

How A.I. Can Solve the World's Problems: Challenge It to a Game of Bridge

Philippe Pionchons ideas about AI and Bridge from 1984, which is still valid today.

Computer Bridge: A Big Win for AI Planning, AI Magazine 1998

The State of automated Bridge Play, NYU Computer Science 2009

The Computer game model of Contract Bridge, X Mei 2012

Contract Bridge bidding by learning, CY Ho 2015

Automatic Bridge Bidding Using Deep Reinforcement Learning, CK Yeh 2016

Boosting a Bridge Artificiell Intelligence, V Ventos 2017

Bridge a new challenge for AI, V Ventos and O Teytaud 2017 In French,                                                                              Google Translate can be used for translation...

IEEE CIS Webinar "Bridge a new challenge for AI" Nov 27, 2017

USBC analysis & Levin - Weinstein profile 2018

AI, Contract Bridge, Conventional Bidding. A casual update 2018

A new Bridge Bot, Alan Frank 2018

Computer Bridge: Card Combinations in Notrump , David Levin 2019

Robots in theory and practice, The Bridge World,                                                                                                                    Al Levy: Part I (2015) - Part II (2016) - Part III (2017)

Facebook takes on Poker.   When will the bridge robots play like that?

Simple is better: Training an End-To-End Contract Bridge Bidding Agent without Human knowledge

Competitive bridge bidding with deep neural networks

Learning multi-agent implicit communication through actions: A case study in contract bridge, a collaborative imperfect information

Learning to Communicate Implicitly by Actions

Bridge and Artificial Intelligence in Orlando

AI, Contract Bridge, Conventional Bidding. A casual update. 

Man vs machine: How AI is taking over human bastions of complex strategy games

Frontier in Pattern Rekognition and AI

Artificial "General" Intelligence is still science fiction

Total-Order - Multi Agent-Agent Task-Network Planning for Contract  Bridge

Success in Spades: Using AI Planning Techniques to Win the World 

A Planning approach to declarer play in Contract Bridge

Bridge and AI: Can GPT Teach the Game as well as a Human? - video by Peter Hollands   *

The αµ Search Algorithm for the Game of Bridge