Micro Bridge 13.3

         by Tomio and Yumiko Uchida          

The Creators

At university, Tornio majored in computer science and Yumiko in Yumiko in mathematics. They both learned to play bridge while at university and they used to go to tournaments, although they are self-confessed average players at most. Micro Bridge, which is their private project, began as a network play tool to help them improve their own bridge skills and partnership.

The Software

They started developing Micro Bridge in 1982. "These were the days before DOS, and they used BASIC for the user interface, but that was too slow for play engine so we wrote it in Assembler. In 1984, they completed the double-dummy algorithm, and year later produced their first DOS version. Micro Bridge 3.0, in 1986, was the first commercial version.

They introduced a duplicate-game mode to Micro Bridge in conjunction with the JCBL. This enabled users to compare their results with actual teams matches or pairs tournament results, The JCBL each year offers data disks that contain hands and results of major tournaments. I think Micro Bridge was the first program to have such a feature.

In 1986, they adopted the Monte Carlo simulation method to produce fair play. This was their original idea, but it was impossible in 1982, so we had to live with the double-dummy (cheating) algorithm. As PCs became much faster, so we introduced the fair play algorithrn. (from 1999)

Micro Bridge has won the the World Computer Bridge Championship once (2019) and been runner up 5 times.

Micro Bridge is a commercial software 

Micro Bridge is only available for Windows. Demo available for download. Upgrade to 13.3  

Upgrade to 13.3 does not work with the demo version.

Micro Bridge (CD only option) is available at Svenska Bridgeförlaget. and Jannersten Förlag

Micro Bridge is not available for Mac, but can be run with a Windows emulator, Virtual PC.

Version 13.3 is the version that won the World Computer Bridge Championship in 2019.

Description of Micro Bridge Systems and Features.