Can an advanced AI beat the world's best bridge players?

Up until now the answer is no.

But for 4 years,  NukkAI has been working on a AI that may just be able to do that.

2022-03-24/25  there was a historic match live on Youtube, between 8 International Champions and an AI so advanced it may very well would be able to win...

The conditions of the play:

- « Champions » team of 8 players (4 male 4 female) with a World title

- Each player played 100 deals, all deals are different so no competition between humans - 8 segments of 10 deals each

- This challenge was about cardplay as declarer

- Contract was 3NT and bidding sequence is 1NT 2NT 3NT (to maximize the number of «difficult deals »)

- Score: 10 points if contract was won + 1 for each overtrick and -1 for each undertrick. This is IMP without the vulnerability effect

- Defense was played by WB5 (best free bot) that was deterministic, ie will produce the same defence when the sequence of cards were identical.

NukkAI  do not claim to have solved Bridge, they just want to show that their innovative algorithm has allowed a major breakthrough using a restriction of Bridge. NukkAI intend it as a first step. Next steps will involve other contracts, then defense, then someday the bidding and they need the whole Bridge community to help along this road.

Link to the Challenge section on the NukkAI Site. 

Thread on Bridgewinners about the event.

Another thread on Bridgewinners about the event

Analyse of Nooks play as declarer 

Kit Wolseys analyse of the play:

Anna vs Nook

Nevena vs Nook

Mikael vs Nook

Brad vs Nook

Benedicte vs Nook

Total Result after 800 boards:

Humans: 5238

Robot: 6147

                                              Match 1-6

                                     Match 7-10


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