Human vs Machine

Will these "guys" one day be impossible to beat? There are different opinions among the experts, time will tell...

                                                                           Zia vs Robot

1999 Zia played against different computer programs, including GIB, in an individual round robin match and beat them all.

A book has been written about these matches, Man was Machine: The Bridge Match of the Millenium by Marc Smith (available on Amazon). 

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                                                           Dutch Players vs Jack

In the spring of 2005 Jack challenged various top Dutch players. The matches were all played and the very interesting matches were reported in several medias.
Reports were published in the Dutch IMP-bridge magazine first. The last episode appeared in the February 2006 issue.

1. The Computer Plays Bridge, I Don't Know Whether to Laugh or Cry - July 2005                                    2. Computer Bridge 2; World Champion Jack in Action - August 2005                                                          3. Computer Bridge 3; World Champion Jack in Action - October 2005                                                         4. Computer Bridge 4: Jack Just Isn't Human - February 2006

Setup of the matches: To be able to gauge Jack's playing strength objectively, the Jack team organized several matches against human opponents. In April and May of 2005, Jack played 28-board matches against seven strong pairs. All but the first of the following pairs played in the highest echelons of Dutch bridge, some having represented the Netherlands in European and World Championships. Just vd Kam - Hanneke Kreijns, Erik Janssen - Jeroen Top, Jan van Cleeff - Vincent Kroes, Paul Felten - Erik van Valen, Ton Bakkeren - Huub Bertens, Vincent Ramondt - Berry Westra, Bart Nab - Gert Jan Paulissen

To obtain a wide variety of deals for analysis, Jack played a different set of boards against each pair, choosing randomly from boards played in First Division (the second highest Dutch league) competition during the 1999-2000 and 2000-2001 seasons. The deals were scored at 'Instant IMPS' in order to get results quickly.

To simulate normal human playing conditions, two assistants sat at the bridge table and made the calls and plays that Jack indicated on the computer screen.

                                                       Milan Macura vs Argine

The Slovenien champion Milan Macura has played a series of challenge matches against the Funbridge Robot Argine, which are shown on YouTube. One example: