Synrey Bridge and Micro Bridge meet in the World Championship Finals but aren’t they the same     robot?


In the recent 2019 World Bridge Robot Championships, the robots Micro Bridge and Synrey Bridge unseated the reigning champions in the semi-finals and landed in the finals sitting across from each other. But wait. Didn't Synrey Bridge purchase Micro Bridge in 2014?

To get to the bottom of this, we sat down with Erik Liu, one of the creators of Synrey Bridge for a second interview. Synrey Bridge is a premier online bridge apps for users in China, with an increasing number of users everywhere else in the world.

The Birth of Synrey Bridge

"The robot of Synrey was originally from Micro Bridge." explains Liu.

"With the consulting service of Micro Bridge designers T. Uchida and Y. Uchida, the Synrey team learned the architecture and design principle of computer bridge systems. And by reading and analyzing the design documents and codes of Micro Bridge they acquired what they needed to develop the Synrey software."

However, the current Synrey Bridge Robot have been entirely rewritten....

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