GOTO Bridge 

from GOTO Games

GOTO Bridge is the stand alone companion of Funbridge, no Internet connection is required

GOTO Bridge is also available at Svenska Bridgeförlaget.

GOTO Bridge replaces GOTO Bridge 19.                     

GOTO Bridge is a commercial program.

GOTO Bridge is for all levels of player.

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Available on 

> Windows OS

> Mac OS 

> IPad (coming soon)   

> IPhone (coming soon)

Supported Systems 

> 5- Card major 



> 2/1

> Polish Club

> Nordic Standard

> NBB Standar Hoog

> Forum D                                                                                                            

Several profiles are available for each system: beginner, intermediate, competition and strong.
There is also a free profile where you can set your own conventions as you wish.


> Regular deals - Play Bridge at your own pace

> Easy deals - Without any traps to begin with or simply relax.

> Lessons & Excercises

> Bidding Practice

Developed by Bridge Experts

The team in charge of designing GOTO Bridge is not new to this game. Indeed, the same bridge addicts are behind the world-famous Funbridge app. Among them is 2017 Vice World Bridge Champion Jérôme Rombaut.