Blue Chip MiniBridge  6.7.1              Blue Chip Bridge Ltd

Blue Chip MiniBridge is a freeware program for Windows 10 which  can be downloaded (as a zip file).

It will teach the game of MiniBridge, let you play on your own computer and give you an excellent introduction to bridge.

Blue Chip MiniBridge includes a short introductory course, during which you can play different levels of MiniBridge, practising new card-play skills as you learn them. You will quickly gain a good basic knowledge of many of the techniques used in bridge itself.

MiniBridge itself is a game for four players, competing against each other as two pairs (North/South and East/West). In Blue Chip MiniBridge, you play South and the computer plays for everyone else. One pair (the "declaring" side) tries to win a certain number of tricks. The other pair (the "defending" side) tries to prevent them from doing so. To this extent, MiniBridge is identical to bridge. However, unlike bridge, MiniBridge does not involve any bidding. The rules of MiniBridge are not complicated and if you are familiar with the whist-like concepts of taking tricks and playing with a trump suit, you will be able to start a game right away !

Thanks to the sponsorship of the Educational Foundation of the American Contract Bridge League and the English Bridge Union,  Blue Chip MiniBridge are available for download as freeware.


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